• thats like asking why is the pope catholic lol :O)
  • Because... that is how we define a circle. If it wasn't round, I wouldn't call it a circle, or even try to gain any circle logic from it. Perhaps I'd call it a Schizogon. Just the name of an abstract observed object.
  • We had to call it something....
  • Because circles are round.That is the definitive shape
  • Because all points on the circumference are equidistant from the center.
  • Because a circle is a geometric shape generated by the points, in a plane, that are the same distance from the point called the center.
  • because roundness is the prime characteristic of a circle!
  • For the same reason it is called a circle. Round. It is simply what it is, it is a law.
  • 1) "Round or rounds can mean: - The shape of a circle or sphere - Rounding (sediment), the smoothness of a sediment particle - Roundedness, the roundedness of the lips in the pronunciation of a phoneme - Rounding, the truncation of a number to reduce the number of significant figures it contains - Round number, a number that ends with one or more zeroes - A level of an event, such as a tournament, golf game, or medical examination - Round (music), a type of musical composition - Round of drinks, a traditional method of paying in a drinking establishment - Cartridge (firearms), a single unit of ammunition - Round (Theosophy), a planetary cycle of reincarnation in Theosophy - Round Table Pizza, a pizza restaurant - Mike Rounds, current Governor of South Dakota - Rounds (album), a 2003 album by Four Tet - Round Mountain (volcano), a volcanic peak in British Columbia, Canada - A regular security patrol, "doing the rounds" - Funding round, in business finance - Hospital rounds, in which patients are discussed by the attending physician and students - Round, a cut of meat" Souce and further information: As we can see, the first meaning of "round" is: "The shape of a circle or sphere". In this sense, a circle is "round" because it is the name that we call its shape. 2) Notice that you can draw a circle (its circumference) by drawing a line on a plane at a given distance a-*round* a fixed point (the center).
  • because it's a circle?
  • But... if you draw it in a non-Euclidean space it might not look round anymore.
  • round is a description.
  • Because when the cavemen invented the circle, the square ones did not want too roll smoothly, but the rounds ones did so almost perfectly, so they voted to keep the round circles and vanished all squared or circles that were not round in some shape or form.
  • A circle is also flat.
  • Why do they call round things a circle?
  • Thats what circles do!!!
  • Because it is not a square.
  • Because every point on the circle is the same distance from the center.
  • it is the only way that you can have a line end where it starts and every bend on it is the same anywhere on it but there is something that goes ageist this... a point
  • Because it's infinite.
  • because we were made to believe its round,if that shape is called oblong,we still going to ask why circle is oblong.
  • Because a circle, by definition, is all points in a plane that are of an equal defined distance from a single center point. So, a circle goes 'round' the center point. That's why it's round.
  • because a wheel is really useful, or they would call it spokes "the wheel ruler" roundness.

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