• If it is true or just a big jumbo, how can we know for certain one way or the other? Who's actually there to categorically concede that it's true or false and even to present undisputable evidence?
  • This story is from the apocryphal "Infancy Gospel of Thomas". This is one of the non-canonical gospels found at Nag Hamadi. Though dating back to at least 185 AD, this gospel is not fully accepted and is not included in the New Testament.
  • That is mumbo lie! Jesus was lied about often and the few times that he showed anger were reasonable, i.e. when merchants were dishonoring the temple by selling outside and when the disciples were not allowing the children to get near him and He said:"Forbid not the children to come unto me, for of such is the kingdom of heaven"...he showed love and compassion and yet showed command of honor and authority. The Bible is not hard to understand as many claim.
  • Forsaken:remember to trust God & Jesus.We make mistakes,yet,They are perfect.They don't make mistakes like we do.I was remembering the time that God did become angry.One,when He saw that the people had become exceedingly wicked and He sent Noah to tell them to repent but they didn't.Noah told them that God was going to destroy the people in the world with water & the people made fun of him & God did send the flood. Then also When the people of of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, had become very evil & He destroyed them.God wants people to be good & kind & He is very patient.For instance;there was another time another city called Nineveh where the people were wicked & again,God sent a messenger by the name of Jonah to tell them to stop being bad cause city would be destroyed. The people were so bad that Jonah was afraid & ran away in a boat & there was a storm & was thrown out & a whale swallowed him & the whale threw him back to Nineva & the people repented & city wasn't destroyed!
  • It's just silly. Of course people will try to drag Him down with crazy stories. That's how He ended up on the cross. They're still doing it.
  • yes. 'they' means Jesus and God.
  • That's doubly incorrect. First, He didn't kill that kid. He was ACCUSED of killing him. He then raised the child from the dead to testify on His behalf. Secondly, that's just a gnostic story, which cannot be found in Holy Scripture.
  • what is truth? the gospel of thomas has some interesting things in it, like getting angry and killing the boy and turning clay birds to life. it most other respects, this gospel seems to be accepted today. with all of the storm and stress in the early days of christianity, i can understand why it would have been dis-selected at that time. i see the stories as those of a child who hadn't yet mastered control over his powers, likely true, whether or not the actual story you cite actually did occur. i guess we'll find out if its true either after we die or upon return. until then

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