• yes, it's true
  • Lucky you! Totally true. Stay away from them and their fantasy stories. My 2 cents.
  • Every word of it. I used to live a couple houses down from one of their churches in KY. and they would show up at my door almost everyday. that is until I started reading my Bible to them instead of listening to them read theirs.
  • They knock on my door, ring my doorbell every Sunday. I never answer. I don't think anyone in my complex does...
  • Yes, it's true. I never answer the door for unannounced callers anyway, so it's not an issue for me. I do have to give them credit for one thing though. When I have experienced them (a couple of times when I was younger, and once at my partner's parents' house) they have been exceptionally polite. Even when told that there was no interest. Maybe they've changed these days, but I was always impressed by their gentility in comparison to your standard religion-pusher.
  • It's true, but I haven't seen any for quite some time now. Maybe it's the neighborhood. Muahahahaha!
  • They used to come more often. Been about a year since we've had a JW or a Mormon.
  • We had to trick my dad into going and fixing something out back so mom could answer the door. He swore he'd beat their ass every time they came by.
  • Yes, but if you get them or not probably depends on where you live. We're out in the boondocks, so we only get them every couple of months. Maybe you just lived sufficiently far away from missionaries that it really wasn't worth the trouble.
  • They use to come out our way pretty often but its been awhile, the last time they did I simple told them with a very straight face"My husband is a Mormon and doesn't allow me to speak to people like you" and shut the door. They never came to our door again. Funny thing is hubby was baptized into Mormon church when he was a child is all and I'm Baptist. Before that point they were here almost every Saturday but like I say never see them any more.Some of them were polite others were rude when you told them that you had other beliefs.
  • Sure is. But they're pretty nice in my experience. Weird, but nice.
  • as a jehovah's witness i can tell you this is true. i have been doing this since i was nine years old back in 1962. so by now i guess you can safely assume i have knocked on many doors. i found all the responses given have one common denominator, they have all encountered our message one way or another. our main goal is not so much that people respond but that they are aware of us visiting them. we are trying to warn the world community of coming world events which are fast approaching as well as telling them the good news of the kingdom. so as long as people know we are at their door, even if they never respond, we have done our work. when the end comes and someone tries to say they were not warned, they will not be able to use any excuse. it is rare that you say no one witness has ever contacted you. you can visit our website to find out more about our message of hope for a better future. go to
  • Yes. I have been getting them for years, no matter where I lived. City or country. They used to be really pushy but seem to be less so now. Can someone tell me if they have changed their approach purposely or is it just a new breed? Younger, less forceful?
  • Not since I was little.
  • Tuesday is their allocated day in UK - i never open my door on Tuesdays ha!
  • They sure do!!
  • 9-27-2017 You better believe it!
  • I consider all protestants as sectists. I've had one such experience and took over the conversation to the point they got so bored that they left and never returned!
  • Jehovah's witnesses go out usually on Saturdays knock on doors and tell people about the coming Kingdom of Jesus Christ they carry with them physical copies of the watchtower and the awake. They will show you a Bible article out of a Bible and an article out of the watchtower relating to it. The person will give you a watchtower or awake or both if you want to make a contribution of a dollar or so you can nobody will shake their hand in front of you until you do
  • We only see them about once a year, but yes, they were knocking on doors up until the pandemic shut things down. Now they're sending tracts by mail.

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