• You think it makes you feel insecure when she flirts in front of you? Just be glad she doesn' try to hide it from you!
  • From a womans point of view, NO. Dump her now
  • Relationships are about compromise, if it bugs you then she should be willing to make an effort to not flirt with other guys. You aren't asking something unreasonable here.
  • No, it's not heathy but If it bothers you and makes you feel insecure find another girl. Don't get with a girl you'll feel insecure about you need one where you don't have to worry about.
  • I flirt with guys all the time even if I have a b/f and Ive never cheated....since shes not trying to hide it from you you shouldnt worry yourself to if she didnt do it infront of you then you might have somthing to worry about.
  • I feel that she's being insensitive towards you about this. Tell her how you feel. If you guys can't work this out, then dump her, there's no reason why you should have to put up with a partner like that.
  • My b/f is a total flirt but thats as far as it goes. He likes talking to any woman and enjoys making them laugh and feel good about themselves. He is gifted with confidence and a brilliant sense of humour. Why should he not share it? When we're out together he'll start his patter with anyone and soon have everyone laughing. As long as talk is all it is and she does come home to you then be thankful she is with you and makes you feel like the most important person in the world.
  • its ok , but the in front of you thing is kinda pushin it . I mean if thats how she is , then you better like her just the way she is . You either like her or you dont. You cant change her and it would really be unfair of you to ask her to change what makes her so bubbly . If you do , you'll become a burden to her. Thus , cretaing problems, fights,and even more insecurities to you when she starts to push away . If you cant handle it , you'd better throw in the towel .
  • Its not healthy if she continues the behavior after you had told her how you felt about her flirting with other guys in front of you-thats disrespectful by the way. Its not healthy for YOU. If she doesn't listen to you, you have to listen to your feelings. If it feels bad-its not good for you. Its a bit insulting. Trust, hmm if you can't trust that she will take your feelings seriously when are you supposed to trust her?
  • I suppose it depends on what she does.Talking to others and goofing around is fine,but if she says sexually provocative things to other guys,then she obviously has to have alot of attention which is insecurity on her part.Maybe you should date someone more low-key.
  • She should respect your feelings and if stopping the flirting with other men in front of you is too difficult then she should retain her single status. Why waste time on people who intentionally make you feel insecure?
  • I think I'd feel uncomfortable in your situation too - it might be worth chatting to her about it and telling her how you feel. If she cares about you then she wouldn't want to make you feel unhappy. That being said, I also don't think you can expect her to change her personality. If she's bubbly around everyone, she may not even realise that she's flirting. It seems to me like you need to agree to a compromise where she agrees to rein it in a little while still being free to be who she is.
  • Cheat on her. Give her a taste of her own medicine. Two wrongs always make a right
  • Dude I'm not here to tell you to break up and all that ying yang I'm here to simply say that the door swings both ways....get ur flirt on man, make another woman smile in the pressence of ur's harmless, it's fun....try it and you'll see. If she has a problem with it tell her "Well now you see how I feel." And I mean come out of the blue with the compliments too, lay them on really thick. Sometimes a person has to see how it feels to truly understand what you're going thru.
  • I'm a serial flirt. But I only love one man, and he knows that. If you're that uncomfortable with her dedication to you, maybe you shouldn't be with her. Unless you both have an understanding...she should make sacrifices for you, but if it's not in her personality to do that, then it might just not be the right relationship for you.
  • You want to consider how you feel. She obviously feels flirting is okay. You don't. Lesson; you will not be able to change another person...but you can change ourself. Suggestion; either change your attitude or change your gf.

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