• He can be either O negative, AB Negative, or A Negative.
  • Your dad would have been either O+, O-, A+, A-, B+, B-, AB+, or AB- (and, since that's all the possibilities, he could have been anything!) A and Rh + are dominant. That means that if an O or a - is present, the A and + will still be the ones that are dominant. To be A-, you will have either AA or AO blood. We know you're Rh -, so you must have gotten a - rh factor from both parents. Your mom is either AA or AO, and +-, since we know she passed on the - to you, but is + herself. Your dad could be any number of things because all he had to do was pass an A or an O and a - to you. He could be AA, AO, BO, OO, or AB, and he could have been either -- or +-. There really are a lot of possibilities. Sorry I couldn't be of more help. ---------------- Edited: "annrizzo: Thank you for your answer...There's a bit more I'd like to ask...If there's a question of parentage and my mother is A positive and my siblings are all O positive, would the same answer you gave still apply? There's a question as to whether my mother is my actual biological parent or not. " Your mother (blood type A+) can be the parent to both type A and type O children. That simply means that she has AO blood, instead of AA. Having type O means you have OO, and got an O from both parents. So, assuming that you and all your siblings have the same father, it narrows down what he could have been. We know he gave an O to your siblings, so it means he can't be type AB (he'd have no O to give). He can still be A, B, or O (AO, BO, OO). Your siblings being O positive doesn't mean that you have a different parent. It just mean they received a different blood type gene than you did. Since your mom is A+, and your siblings are O+, it means your mom is AO. That means she could have passed the A to you and the O to your siblings. Remember that A is dominant, and if it's present, then you're type A, even if an O is present. O is recessive. (Same applies for B being dominant) MOM AO DAD AA Possible offspring: AA, AO MOM AO DAD AO Possible Offspring: AA, AO, OO MOM AO DAD OO Possible Offspring: AO, OO MOM AO DAD BB Possible Offspring: AB, BO MOM AO DAD BO Possible Offspring: AB, AO, BO, OO MOM AO DAD AB Possible Offspring: AA, AO, AB, BO Any combination listed above where the offspring listed contain both an OO (your siblings) and an AA or AO (you) is possible for your situation. The Rh factor is about the same. Your mom is +-, since we know she's Rh +, and your dad could have been +- or --. Only one of them has to carry the + to give your siblings. All that matters is that your mom and dad both gave you a - (since you are --) and that at least one of them gave your siblings a +. Hope that helps!

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