• I believe very little of what it says and I do NOT use it as any sort of guide as to how to live my life. That is just stupid.
  • i believe what the bible say because if it wasnt true why would somone write allof that and today every thing that is written in the bible is happening you should read it and if you dont understand what is been state in their ask some one to explain it to you.
  • I think there are portions of the bible that are worthwhile and sets forth valuable principles such as the Sermon on the Mount or certain passages in Proverbs. There are other passages which encourage sexism, human slavery, racism, violence, and hatred for those who do not believe in the Christian worldview. I'm not saying that all Christians condone those things listed above, far from it. But, anybody who says theres absolutely nothing in the bible that isn't morally questionable (if not morally reprehensible), has not really taken a good hard look at the Bible.
  • Yep :) Every word
  • Yes I do... First and foremost the part where it says that "The letter of the law kills." and how we are told to "Use our wisdom." The Bible is its own mystery really... And Jesus spoke in parable for a reason. Smart people also take the time to educate themselves on the reasons why things were as they are. Most people forget timelines and history as a main component of the things in it. Read your history and think about the times and their people and practives and demographics and it will make a lot more sense!
  • You can believe the common sense in the bible. I think someone would have figured out by now that you shouldn't kill and steal. But I don't believe the adam and eve story or that people lived in a whale.
  • As much as what "Little Red Riding Hood," "Peter Pan" or "Alice in Wonderland" say
  • Nope. I believe it's a load of rubbish.
  • No, I think most of it is pure mythology and of no more benefit or value than tales of the Greek or Roman gods, although the latter are more entertaining. (I was going to compare it to Aesop's Fables, but they do actually have value.)
  • I beleive many things the bible says. There are many lessons and valuable standards that I see in the bible, however, I'm do not believe in a god or divinity. I don't believe in spirits or an afterlife.
  • Yes I do, after reading it carefully and studying it and other writings.
  • It is a good book to live by. It is said that it was written by man that were inspired by God's hand. Everyone that writes a religious book say that they were inspired by God. I have a hard time believing that. It's a good book with some stories in it but I'm not the kind that believes every thing I read. If you and I are standing together and see something and both of us write about it, it would be two different but close stories. So the answer would have to be no to your question, but I don't call people that do believe stupid either.
  • Yes, every word. If you read the Bible, then you will notice that there are things happening today that are mentioned in the Bible.
  • I guess someday we will all find out for sure...seems strange though the more people try to dispove the Bible the more they find to prove it to be right.
  • To a point, I think that some of it was either incorrectly placed in or incorrectly quoted; i.e. by someone who may have been wrong, possibly with their heart in the right place, but not their mouth.
  • ....oops sorry
  • I believe every word of it.
  • Yes. It explains a lot of things that baffle the scientists. More and more Science is showing the Bible to be true.
  • no way!
  • no..sry i dont believe in the bible
  • No one believes all of it, else they would do what it says.
  • absolutely, i believe everything it says! it has guided my life now for almost five decades. if it wasn't for the wisdom of the bible i don't know how my life would have turned out. i am by far perfect, but i know that the bible has protected me from many dangers in the world. without its counsel we are open to many problems and pitfalls that as humans we cannot see until it is too late. as for its prophetic accuracy no other book can claim the record the bible has. its ability to prophesy events into the future is uncanny to say the least. we are living in what the bible calls the "last days of this system of things," up until now everything the bible foretold has been fulfilled, giving me more reason to trust its contents implicitly.

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