• I always enjoy The Naked Gun I, No matter how many times I watch it : )
  • Best in Show The Royal Tenenbaums Sorority Boys
  • I like a lot of comedies...from romantic comedies to off the wall stuff like Airport, Naked Gun, 40 Year Old Virgin, Dumb and Dumber....and my all-time favorite, Monty Python.
  • "Office Space" is one of my favorite movies for a laugh. That or "Spaceballs." WARNING: Both clips contain cursing.
  • I'll toss in Johnny Depp in "Cry Baby". Get ready to sing and dance!!! :)
  • I'd have to say Rocky Horror Picture Show for the audience participation part of it and for just sheer weirdness .
  • The first clip is from The Burbs and the second is from my all time favorite, Back to the Future.
  • Well, I have tons of fun watching just about every horror movie I come across, past and present, (Dolls, Child's Play series, various Stephen King films, The People Under the Stairs.) but since I always just post about that, here's something different... Wayne's World! So it's totally out of date and kinda dorky today, but it remains a total classic, one which I used to love watching when I was younger. I sorta wish I had been born earlier so I could have properly lived through this era. >_> Also Garth totally rules, it's hilarious how he tells Phil that if he's gonna spew, then to do it in that tiny bag lol! So here's a clip, the beginning of the movie, which is a timeless collection of classic scenes and quotes which depict the meaning of awesome. Second video is Beetlejuice, which I also watched countless times when I was little, and never got bored of it. I really liked the special effects, and, of course, Beetlejuice himself is totally awesome. Another movie I watched frequently, although it might surprise some people...was Home Alone. Even when it wasn't anywhere around Christmas I used to watch it. I also liked that old man everyone was afraid of, who saves Kevin in the end. He seemed sort of mystical to me back then lol. It was a whole lot of fun, but I really hate all the sequels. There was also an old martial arts movie I used to love, called Duel of the Masters. There was three different stories in it, and it was so stupid lol. One story was an old man who wanted black hair, and paid some "magicians" or whatever to turn his hair black...they tricked him, and just put ink in it. When it rained, all the ink came off and the old man totally went after the two charlatans. Neat scenes in it was part humour, and the characters were lugging around wooden horses instead of real ones, for some reason. But, the only clip I was able to find was a "deleted scenes" one, and I don't even remember these characters lol. Well I could go on forever, there are so many movies I had fun with, but this is lengthy enough methinks...>_>

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