• Ummm... does your Aunt have one, or who is "he"
  • In the mail, discreetly send her a tube of Nair. on the backside, with a magic marker, circle the part about facial hair. you might also send her a magnifing mirror, so she can read the fine print and look at her mustache, all at the same time.
  • Well technically she shouldn't shave it she should wax it ...if you love your aunt you wouldn't want her having stubble ...would you?
  • It depends upon how old your Aunt is. If she is a middle aged or older woman, she has doubtlessly come to grips with her facial hair, and it's not really anyone else's business what she does or doesn't do about it. If she is younger, say under 30 or under 25, you might speak to another woman in your family about it and see if they would be willing to help champion your cause. She might want to visit a salon and consider having it waxed, or removed in some manner professionally. This would last longer than shaving and not cause the hair to become more course. If you are going to speak to her, be KIND! Do not use hateful words like Gross and Disgusting. Instead bring up some feature she has that is Attractive and that you believe removing the facial hair would add to her attractiveness even more. Being mean because YOU don't like looking at it, is heartless and unnecessary. Being kind and supportive might even get you what you want, or at least your opinion might be considered.
  • You should get her a gift certificate for a makeover and relaxation at a spa. They will discreetly mention to her that she would look better without a mustache...and wax it for her. Don't shave facial hair, as a woman, it will get thicker!
  • Why would you want to convince her of that? It's her right to leave her moustache as it is naturally, if she wants to.
  • If she shaves she'll get bristles. Buy her some Jolene (ladies' facial hair bleach) or treat her to a beauty parlour event as a Christmas present.
  • Why? Probably bisexual!

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