• no today more and older kids and there family are moving in together and pulling together. due to hard times.
  • Depends on certain circumstances. What I don't think is appropriate is to fully depend on them in financial terms after you've reached a certain age. 25 sounds old enough for anyone to make their own living and at least contribute to the household if for some reason they're still living with their parents.
  • Not at all. The longer you can save money by living at home, the better.
  • Only the people in the U. S. who have been around for the last 100 or so years. In all previous centuries, it was not only common, but expected, and in many other countries in the world today. Several generations live in the same house, or they build on rooms as necessary. Here in my neighborhood, many people are moving in from other countries, and they all live together, until the young ones get married, then they put in a trailer house for them. Nearly every house on the block behind mine has a trailer set up in the driveway for part of the family. One family has the single, teenage boys living there, at least two others, the young married couple, and two seem to have Granny living there, since I see them sitting outside the door in their rocking chairs when I walk by every day. My son and his wife lived with us for over a year after they got married, until they had a baby, and we bought a rental home for them. My adult grandson lives with us now, and has done for several years.
    • Linda Joy
      100 years ago the average life expectancy was less than 50 years old! Maybe Americans like independent children and not a repeated pattern of immaturity and dependence. Maybe they want them to be able to take care of themselves after they die and not have to live in a trailer all the rest of their days because they weren't taught to take care of themselves!
  • It is. Its important to have the emotional independance. I once dated a 35year old who lived with her mother, and burst out crying during the date that she wanted her mummy
  • No as long as all parties are happy I see nothing unusual in the situation . It could be beneficial all round.
  • Not unnatual, my aunt finally moved out of her mom's house and she's in her mid 30's.
  • it depends.... if you have made no other effort of having some independance and the persons ony social contact is with the parents then that can be quite weird.
  • What, after 25 you move out or Die? Bit of a bummer! :o))
  • Yes, unless there is a reason that the child cannot be self sufficient.
  • No, not unnatural at all. Rent is still very expensive, even with the housing crisis. Not everyone can afford their own apartmentm and if the person gets along with their parents and contributes every month, then it's not like they aren't being responsible.
  • I moved out when I was 19 then moved back in with my parents when I was 22..I was pregnant and alone and I wouldn't know what to do without them. I moved in my own apartment with my son when I was 2 months shy of being 25.
  • I don't think it is unless their child is just being lazy. I lived with my parents until I was 27 because I was saving up to buy a house. I didn't want to have to move more than I had to and I didn't want to pay rent. Consequently, all I ever paid was room and board and I don't owe anything on my house. :)
  • Depends on the circumstances, whether they are married, have kids, or if they are taking care of their parents or their parents need to care for them. I can think of many reasons why it would be a good idea or a necessity in this world we live in. And in many years past, it was common for sons to stay with the family in a more agricultural society.
  • Not at all...but,if it`s troubling you , then do something to change the situation...unless your parents want you out ? Maybe you`re not contributing to the household expenses? Because you certainly should be doing that!
  • not at all. i live with my step mother still and im sure i will be when im 25. its a strange setup to be honest and would take ages to get into. basically i am a lodger here now and we treat each other like flat mates. its too expensive for me to move out just now as i want to live somewhere decent but it costs a fortune. just waitin for the new job. looks like i will be movin in with my gf tho as i think we will still be together. her parents dont mind that she is still there either.
  • Depends on what they are doing with their life. If they are getting and education and saving money, have a good job etc, you can't be labeled a loser for that.
  • I find it odd, you are supposed to be an adult.
  • No, it depends on the circumstances, are they in school, lose their job, home etc. Or they are staying with their parents because their parents need help (financially, physically, eyc.)
  • No. Some cultures like for families to be close. And some parents need the child's help and some children need the parents help. I think what's important is for parents to set expectations for their children to be independent and be able to take care of themselves. Otherwise they have handicapped their children to be dependent on them. Then what is the child going to do when the parents die? They have not been properly trained in how to be an adult and take care of themselves. I was expected to take care of myself from the age of 18. I left home at 15 to protect myself, though I can't say I was taking care of myself. I lived with my sister then my cousin. My husband and I had our own place and were completely financially independent at 18. And at 30 I was a single parent and completely independent. I think parents nowadays are doing their children a disservice and crippling them by coddling them.
  • not if they dont rnind

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