• 1-2 weeks from her period. use protection unless you want to be a dad. it doesn't hurt to be sure.
  • i think you should be fine. because the birth control stays in your system for awhile. ive missed mine for a week and went to the dr cus i was scared and she said it was still in my system and i would be ok (but thats being on the nuva ring). but to be on the safe side... you could always use a condom for a few days. you shouldnt need another form of birth control for any longer. hope that helps.
  • is your girl friend hot? if so look on the bright side if she is you stand a good chance of having cute kids
  • By forgetting the last 3 pills, she moved up her cycle 3 days. She should start her new pack three days sooner and maintain this new start day. If it's too late to do that, you should use a back up method for one month. If you don't do this, you are adding three unprotected days to the beginning of her cycle (this month only) in which an egg may mature and be released. Admittedly, if she takes all her pills on schedule they should suppress implantation should conception occur, but why take the chance? FYI Nuva ring does not work the same way! It is a manually inserted time released hormone delivery system (resulting in a 99% effectiveness) that is removed to bring about menstruation after three weeks. The hormone is *absorbed* into the body from the ring, not ingested daily, hence the hormones may remain in the system longer. Pills do NOT stay in your system. Inactive pills (or stopping active pills) cause menstruation and the cycle begins anew. If they stayed in your system you wouldn't get your period within 24 hours.

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