• I think Disney is great
  • We (my family) love Disney World, we try to go every year...our kids have had a great time, every time.
  • Loved Disney world, they've added a lot since I've been there so would like to go back.
  • Well, I enjoy Disney VERY much with my family. Awesome attractions, great family oriented fun and entertainment, lots and lots to do, and full of memories. And I look forward to each return visit with them. But if it weren't for my wife and kids, I'd have probably NOT gone to Disney World or Disneyland very much at all. I grew up several states away from Florida or Calilfornia, so it was never much of a travel least before I joined the Navy. But I DID grow up watching the Wonderful World of Disney every Sunday evening!
  • I think DisneyWorld is evil incarnate. Everything is artificial, and even worse, everything has to fit the Disney myth, even the people. Every aspect of everything you touch and see is meant to hook you and your kids as Disney consumers. I'd much prefer to spend my vacations doing something real: visit Rome, or Machu Picchu, or even just the beach. I like the animated movies well enough, in the safety of home where they can be turned off and balanced against normality.
  • I love oldschool Disney. I hate what disney has become. I liked the old cartoons and movies and some of the new ones. My favorite is Lilo & Stitch. But I hate Disney's attempt to reel in the pre-teens.
  • Pretty neutral.
  • I think Disney is awesome. I love a good deal of the Disney movies I especially love Wall-E
  • Can't stand it. use to like it, but it seems they play the same two shows over and over again (Hannah Montanna and Suite Life) or either HSM crap. Most of the shows seem to have similar plots or styles, so even if I'm not watching some rerun of Hannah Montanna, I still feel like i'm watching some refund of Hannah Montanna. It's great for kids though.
  • Hard to hate The Mickey Mouse Club! -

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