• Hard to say with certainty - but sounds mighty suspicious. If they were the only ones there (or had others left already) then maybe the truth was not told quite fully. May I suggest you be direct and ask her - that might clear the air for both of you and give her the opening to tell you if there is anything up.
  • Um, yeah. If she had a christams party for the people from work, there should have been more people there, unless she only has one coworker. There could be a chance that there was supposed to be this big party, but nobody showed up...except for the guy who had a crush on her. Did you talk to her? What did she say?
  • ok if its a party and his the only one there..then I would say somethings up...and did she ask you to come to this party cause if she didn't then I would say she was trying to hide someting...oh one last thing...did anyone else show up later cause if not that should be the answer
  • She is obviously cheating on you, OR wants to begin cheating on you - open your eyes. Have you not seen the Stacey& Bradley situation in Eastenders?
  • Life is too short for you to spend any more time worrying about what the truth is about her, and about this. Move on. You don't have to make a big scene or a dramatic announcement, just politely drift off and start seeing someone who doesn't creat these weird situations. Bail quietly, but bail.
  • Dump her: dump her now.
  • LOL, so theres a work xmas party and only 2 people show up...You'd have to be a moron to think that nothing was up, HELLO CAPTAIN Obvious!
  • i also believe that a xmas party with only two people is very strange. if there was no one there and no one turned up later i think you should move on.
  • oh yea I'd ease out of that deal
  • Tyeah!!! Do her one more time, and move on
  • cheater move on
  • first of all she told you xmas party her gaff for work staff and lied too you. then you turn up just her and guy !!! id leave her
  • I feel a 3way coming on. Propose it, if he says yes then he's gay and you have nothing to worry about.
  • Next time, hide in the coat closet, install a webcam or look in thru the window with a pair of binoculars. There's no point in guessing and asking a bunch of strangers to issue an opinion on something they know nothing about
  • I think something is up too since you said she's was acting weird but ask your girlfriend first before assuming that way you know for sure if something did happened...
  • More details would be helpful. It would be nice to hear what her excuse was, for one. Did she claim everyone else left already? If so, question some of her co-workers. If you don't feel comfortable doing that, confront her in person and tell her you are having trust issues. Ask her to call one of her co-workers while you're listening. Have her mention things about the party and see how the co-worker responds. - Mind you, you're basically telling her "I don't trust you, at all," by doing something like that but... By asking the question you've asked here you're already admitting that you... don't trust her, at all. You might as well let her know too. - She might make the call and then get pissed at you afterwards. She might insist that you should trust her and say that she won't do it under any circumstances. I would give her an ultimatum at that point if I felt strongly. - You could call the guy and try to act casual. Guys get mad at the other guys in situations like this but seriously man- it's her responsibility to be loyal. If he knew she was involved, he's a piece of trash, but come on.. he's a guy ;). You could ask him, "hey man, I'm not going to get pissed at you and actually if you did do something with her she's all yours because I don't want her anymore... is there something between the two of you?" - Mmmm And we could think of a million other detective techniques. - Based on what you've already told us... 1. A guy has a crush on your girlfriend and he sees her every day. 2. Your girlfriend didn't invite you to her work Christmas party (either that or you couldn't/didn't want to go). 3. Your girlfriend was acting weird when found alone with the guy who has a crush on her. - I think the facts pretty much speak for themselves but I would give her a chance to explain and a chance to prove her explanation. I think most cheating happens at work Christmas parties. The fact that they were ALONE makes this seem all the more likely. - Sorry to hear you have to go through crap like this over the holidays man.
  • Being a little naive, aren't we?

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