• Think about it: is this anger really getting you what you want, to be treated equally? Would revenge do it either? No. Speak with your mother about how you feel you are being treated differently. Have some specific examples. Best of luck!
  • No matter what you do, you will always look like the bad one. That is a hard one, but if you try and do anything to get back at him or your mom, it could only get worse.
  • Are you the older child? It can sometimes seem like the younger one gets everything their little heart desires and nothing is fair, but honesly, your mom really loves you and may not even realize she seems to be favoring one over the other. Tell your mom how you feel and that it's starting to bother you.
  • You are only jealous and vindictive so you are just as "uncaring" and "horrible" as you say he is - if not more so. Please think about that.

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