• Can the Dr. give him a little medication to peace him out?
  • He was kicked out of a locked facility for geriatrics he climbed their fence and ran away even though his foot was broken. the other day he was saying he was going home and they explained to him he needed to be cared for he couldn't go home. he was threatening to kill them(my mom and dad) He fell down and couldnt get up and wouldn't allow them to help him up. He threw a brick at my Dad for trying to help. they(my parents) called 911, ambulance came he said he was gonna kill them. so they called the police. he told them he was gonna kill them too. they (the police) attacked him and put him on the gourney and took him to the hospital. The hospital said they could do nothing. Gave my mom 1 Xanax to give him it helped some but the doctor wouldnt write out a script fot it. Insted the doc gave him a script for atovan which doesnt work so good. they (the hospital and police)said if he didnt want to go back home the only thing they could do was arrest him and put him in jail. he is sick my mom doesnt want him to go to jail but he will attack her at home what should we do the doctors arent helping?
  • Normally when an elderly person becomes a danger to himself and or others, they do put them in a hospital, and something like the Alzheimers ward where they can watch him, medicate him to keep him from harming anyone or himself. He is a danger to your family. Does he have a primary care physician you can call to get some help to get him in somewhere? A Xanax here and there is not going to be enough, he needs more. Mom is going to have to become proactive with the medical professionals she has been dealing with, or call a doctor that specializes in Geriatrics and or Alzheimers ASAP..
  • The first thing you have to do is have your mom file legal paperwork for guardianship. Once she becomes his guardian then what she says goes - and then you can work on putting him into an alzheimer's ward. If your mom doesn't want to be his guardian then she can contact the county social services in your county and find out how to reach the office of public guardian.
  • He should be housed in a facility that is specifically for people with dementia. They are all over. Google it.

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