• Is called a syzygy, which is a fantastic hangman word. I believe it is possible, although obviously very uncommmon, something someone might not see in a thousand lifetimes.
    • dumdum
      Mmmmm ... "syzygy." Now, how am I going to remember that one?
  • The effect would be very small, and wouldn't likely be noticed. We get the effect of Mars and Venus every year or so, and they are the closest planets to our orbit. The other planets, even though some are much more massive, are much much farther away and their gravitational effect on us is far less. You could do the math yourself... it's pretty simple: G * m1 * m2/(d^2) d is the distance at the closest approach, and m1 and m2 are the masses of the Earth and other planet in question. G is the gravitational constant. You can look up all these values and then do the math.
  • Could happen, I'll give you odds not going to happen. As to what if it did, what would would happen -- nothing so you could tell.
  • Planetary alignment. Convergence. Syzygy is when 3 bodies align like during the eclipse, or when Venus earth and mars align

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