• sounds like your classic abuser who justifies why he's not wrong and how what he's doing is in the child's best interest. All abusers are alike. I heard the same crap from my dad.
  • Horrible father. Parents are to be there when no one else is... and treating someone you should love as an idiot isn't going to help anything. Help them be smarter, not insult them. I think the father is insecure about himself.
  • It's sad that the father isn't willing to be the "soft place to fall" for his children. The world is more then willing to beat you up, you need your parents on your side.
  • I know people like this. Although I can understand where the father is coming from, the father fails to realize that what he is doing with his child is going to have a negative affect on the child in later years. The father's approach to "toughen" a child could make the child feel weaker, as a person. While it's true that there are cruel people out there but if the father focused more on building the child's confidence, self-esteem and security, the child would learn to better deal with other people.
  • Thats when you need your parents there to make you feel better. All he is doing is destroying his self esteem, which in turn makes him(the kid) one of those people who treats others badly when he gets older.
  • He's someone who doesn't understand himself or life. And so he creates havoc everywhere he goes, because he thinks he has answers, when he really doesn't.
  • my opinion is that hes a coward
  • I think we need to let our children make their own mistakes..and if we our good parents we love them but at the same time we can't always bail them out. At some point they have to learn..but for any parent to be purposely mean and degrading to their child to "teach them a lesson", in my opinion is the stupid one:)
  • Yeah, people DO treat others badly and make them feel stupid. That's why the father needs to instill the confidence for the child to deal with it by letting him know that he doesn't deserve to be treated that way.
  • Yes, but there's also people in the world that's going to care for you, and a father should be one of them. That kid is just going to learn that the world is full of evil and hate, and grow up to try to destroy everyone that even attmpts to get close to him. What a dumbass father.
  • My opinion is that my father is much more well-known than I thought.
  • The father either thinks too much or too little of himself and takes it out on the child. How sad for both of them. :(
  • How disturbing is that? First of all grown men who feel like they need to attack a child at the heart of there self esteem to me must not have ANY selfworth himself. He finds some sort of fulfillment in belittling his son the same way an important authority figure reduced his selfesteem when he was young. It is a terrible cycle that happens with abused children often times. My hope is the kid figures out now that he is worth so much more than his father thinks and gets away from this madness! Where is his mother when the father is being scum to his kid??? Shelly
  • That is emotional abuse. The father needs counseling and parenting classes.
  • That he is abusing his child.
  • That is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. If anything because of those people in the world who treat others badly your parents should love you even more. Your family are the ones who love you unconditionaly- they should love you as much as possible, not abuse you with words or violence. And not everyone in the world treats others badly-- just some and they have problems as well just like this father. No excuses-- No justification for any of those acts.
  • He's an idiot.
  • sad, very sad, he's just using that as an excuse to be abusive...true the real world is tough, but thats why you need a couple people, like family, to be kind and suportive and gentle.
  • Study after study has shown that the more a child feels loved growing up, the better he handles the rough and tumble of the adult world. What you describe will accomplish exactly the opposite of what the father claims, and is a type of child abuse.
  • Sounds like my friend's ex. The child would be better off without him as a permanent fixture unless and until he obtains counseling.
  • My dad's like that. Now I'm a 16 year old mercenary who is feared by all, and is emotionally distraught. I hate the world and can kill without hesitation nor sadness. I have few friends, and they all share my opinion on life. I am hard to kill, and can do it easily. You tell me what my opinion is.
  • He is a poor father. A father needs to challenge his children. A father needs to teach by sometimes letting them struggle on their own. A father needs to discipline at times, but never demean or insult his child. Most importantly, a father needs to follow all of this up with an outpouring of love. My father purposely made my life difficult at times. He taught me to work. He made me work at something until I got it right. But I never--never doubted his love for me. I am eternally grateful to him for this.

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