• No one is required to comply. She's the one with the problem. She needs to find a more acceptable workplace.
    • Chicagoan
      I'll add to that. Fact is; religion shouldn't be in the workplace at all. Try getting Christians to comply with THAT... But, this is certainly a clear case of the tail trying to wag the dog.
  • No. Would you comply if she was a radical Muslim and asked all women to wear burkas?!
  • It's her problem. She needs to be sat down and educated about adapting to different cultures and customs and learning to live with people who are different. The way to get through to her might be to ask how many people have to change before she feels comfortable. What about restaurants? Hot dog stands on the street? Is everyone in the world supposed to make her feel comfortable? That should help her realize that she needs to change.
  • Why should you adapt to her culture when she wont adapt to hers? I wouldnt go as far as removing it all from the break room, but I'd respect her and not eat any in her presence if possible.. but if not, tough luck, honey. She better get used to it.
  • No, and if you are pressured to comply, go to human resources. Her beliefs deserve respect, as do yours. She will have to get used to the fact that there are meat-eaters in the world.
  • Depends on where you work. I mean, where, in what country, is this happening? The French would tell her where to go! The Brits would probably debate ad infinitum whether to comply or not to comply might be racially discriminating. In the US they would make sure the opportunity wouldn't be missed to make millions for some people and of course each state would have its own law to deal with it. I vote for the French approach. :-D
  • While this is her religious belief, she is making this harder for those who do not share it when she doens't have to. If she wanted a work enviornment that would fit her beliefs there are workplaces that offer that...if not, it's up for HER to be flexible, not to FORCE others to make her comofortable. You can't ask others to adapt when you can't yourself. If this is really a problem for her, suggest that she take her lunch breaks outside, in another room, or in her own office/cubicle. I'm a vegetarian and I don't and haven't asked people to not eat meat or to not eat it around me. Even if I am begining to feel sick to my stomach I leave the room and let others enjoy their meal until I feel well enough to join them. I suggest she do the same.
  • I love BBQ.Peter wrote that all man may eat any meat.I go by what the bible says and not a false religion.She doesn't have to eat meat and what others do is their buisness.Not hers.I believe in Christ,others don't and that is their choice.
    • Chicagoan
      "I believe in Christ" -- good for you. It won't change the fact that Christ is make-believe.
  • No. In fact, if she was demanding it then I would probably make a point of eating more of it and openly. You do not force your views on other people.
  • I'd be making the biggest and juiciest meatloaf for everyone in the office and making sure it sat right next to the vents so the whole place smelled of that delicious meat. Her demands are laughable.
  • I wouldn't comply she needs to adjust to the real world.
  • No one is obligated to comply. Most Hindus don't eat beef and that is their perfect right. But she has no right to demand that others refrain in her presence unless she is in her own home or property. You said that she "feels defiled." Well, that's on her. She has to own her own feelings. No one else can be made responsible for that. We live in a secular society, not a Hindu society. Demanding that people change their dietary habits for the convenience of her religious convictions is beyond the pale. Do Catholics lunching at McDonald's demand that their co-workers order the Filet of Fish instead of the Big Mac during Lent?
  • this is going to sound cruel, but no if she doesn't like it, she can intern elsewhere
  • U dont havta do anything. Not eating meat is her thing, not yours.
  • Yeah, right. I would pretend I didn't even hear her.
  • I would go on a bacon diet, and explain to your boss that you are trying to gain a few pounds, and it will only be for a few weeks. Then start frying up a pound each day until Ms. Intolerance quits!
  • She got it back-a$$wards! If she can't handle the "heat"--SHE should stay out of the kitchen!!!
  • No of course not ,The majority rules .You do not have to abide by her religion. SHE is the new girl if she finds things offensive she could get an internship in a vegetarian company or not use the Break room. I have Hindu friends and they have cooked me meals with meat even though they are vegetarian.
  • no. if she cant stand the sight of hamburgers in the break room, she should eat elsewhere. why should everyone kowtow to her and be banned from eating what they want at work? what about their rights? its a free country. she needs to understand what FREE means, adapt to her new surroundings and respect her coworkers right to eat what they want as they do with her.
  • That doesn't seemingly right.
  • Yes. Respect for others Religious sentiments is paramount obligation in a Society.
  • fuck her...if she does not want people to eat meat around her, then she can go somewhere else to eat. Don't forget, she's just an intern.
  • Well of course, it's up to your company who has to comply. If she requests something that's one thing, but if she demands it, she needs to remember that 1)She's an intern, so she won't be there a very long time 2)She doesn't have the right to try and force her beliefs on anyone 3)If she doesn't want to be around meat, maybe she shouldn't use the break room and 4)She doesn't make the rules. The owner, manager and/or board of directors do, so until she becomes one of those three, if she wants something to happen or not to happen, she needs to request, not demand it and realize that just because she does request it does not imply that it will happen. +4
  • No one is obligated to comply. If it offends her, suggest she eat elsewhere.
  • Ignore her. Majority rules. The tail should not wag the dog/pig/cow. She should find her own way to reduce or remove her discomfort by avoiding such situations, eat at a different time, not share the fridge, etc. * Almost nothing can hurt a true Hindu's feelings. She should not make a 'religious fuss' about her vegetarian preference. That's what Mohammedans do! She is really acting like a Muslim, claiming to be a Hindu?
  • i think she needs to get aqdjusted to the place a hindu and it doesn matter which religion u belong and wht u eat and wht not..the fact of the matter is if u are not able to co exist its the problem with that person alone and not the others..she needs to find ways to understand this.. how could she buy anything from that place..most of them eat non veg..does she says no to that juz cuz she has to buy that from those ppl eating meat?? ridiculous..its all juz a big attitude problem..i dont see any good in her demand and its juz stupid..there are lots of hindus ,muslims and christians around the world and are even neighbours..adjust to the fact that what they are..!! crazy bitch..!!
  • Reminds me of the friggin-vegans that want to ban meat from supermarkets, jesusfreakos that want to blockade abortion clinics, islamaholics that want to establish sharia in Minneapolis, or PETA putzes that used to paintball anyone daring to wear a leather or fur coat. Appeasement has never worked, and never will. Ask yourself what is the chance of your going to work at a Hindu company in India, and eating a beef sandwich in that break-room? Or demanding they not eat vegan slop in your presence? Seems doubtful to me. Hinduism belongs in the temple, xtian crap belongs in the church, etc.
  • I'd bring the smelliest meat dish I could find to work, and ask all the other co-workers to do so too. this intern can eat outside.
  • Of course not (not in the U.S.) In the U.S., rights are INDIVIDUAL rights. So, for example: SHE has the right to practice her religion. She does NOT have the right to require OTHERS to comply with the dictates of HER religion. Now: she may have a case for the employer providing her a "space" where she does not have to watch others doing the things that she finds objectionable...but she will lose that case, and for the same reasons. SHE has the right to practice her religion, but NOT the right to make OTHERS cater to her (as an individual) practice of her religion. If she wants a space that is meat-free, then it is her right as an individual to find and/or make such a space...but others are NOT required to do so FOR her.
  • Workers are not obligated to comply with the woman's request.
  • No what you need to do is get with your supervisor and bring the person that is offended by eating meat. And you were conference and ask the person when do you want to take your breaks so we can Ensure that nobody's eating meat in front of you. That's reasonable accommodation for your religion. But that person is not allowed to interfere with other people's belief. So give that person their break when everybody else isn't eating. Keep a watchful eye on them. And if you catch them going into the refrigerator and tampering with other people's food because they're eating meat. And I warned you in advance that these people will do that! Get a clear picture and video of them doing it and bust their butt and send them to prison.
  • The law says you need to make reasonable accommodations but this is not reasonable.

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