• No where it seems. Drug cartels like kidnapping foreigners.
  • Mexico is now on the most dangerous places to travel list. You should think of somewhere else to travel.
  • Mexico is lovely a place for holidays. To enjoy a wonderful time with your family or friends, resorts are appropriate. You can select from best resorts in Mexico. The experience is enchanting and sublime. Best way to spend the holidays.
    • Thinker
      I would have agreed with you several years ago but today Mexico has been placed on the "Most dangerous to visit list" as I said above. I live on the border with Mexico in south Texas. (10 miles away). I no longer go to Mexico. the only exception is Nuevo Progresso then only during the day and with friends. It is still dangerous to go there but have in the past. Now that they have gained the don't go status I am not sure I will even go there.

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