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  • Sorry to hear about your situation but this isn't acceptable under any circumstances. If he loves you and is really separated from his wife he shouldn't have a problem finalizing the divorce and living with you, yes he has kids but living with you instead of someone he claims he is separated from doesn't mean he would stop being there for his Kids. In my opinion this is something you guys should definitely discuss thouroughly because it is also his kid and he needs to be there he can't keep your whole relationship and his unborn child a secret forever you guys are apart of his life regardless of the situation with him and his wife and kids. I hope everything works out, good luck mama
  • NEVER date a married man. If he'll cheat on her, he'll definitely cheat on you!!! As a matter of fact, he IS cheating on you with her!!! I hate to be the one that tells you but he does NOT love you. If he loved you, you'd be married right now. Leave him & move in with your Mom. Your life will be BETTER if he's not involved!!! Now that you're pregnant, you can do the rest all by yourself. Do you really want your baby to grow up in a home where daddy doesn't come home most nights & lies when he does???
  • So you had unprotected sex with a married man and he's the scumbag? You do know what causes pregnancy don't you? If you're going to play house you're old enough to take care of yourself! You're lucky your mom will let you back in HER HOUSE. You need to get a job because whether you keep this baby or not, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to pay for it! And if you apply for any assistance or if the child goes to foster care they will come after BOTH OF YOU for support. So unless he steps up and takes care of his responsibilities they're gonna find out!! I'm not on his side or yours!! I'm on the side of the children who didn't ask for this! You are two of the most selfish people I know! You new full well you were trying to trap him into marrying you and you didn't give a SHIT about his kids and how they would be the ones to pay for what you so selfishly did! I wouldn't marry you if I were him either!! And like Majik said you don't want that piece of crap either. HE's just as selfish as you are! He didn't give a shit about them either. You both disgust me!
    • 11stevo73
      In the USA will the bloke have to pay maintance for the child as in percentage of his wage each week?

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