• Yes, right after they are shot and killed.
  • Even terrorist aren't treated as terrorists lol. I'm glad those three pirates got picked off, they're just going to keep living the same lifestyle.
  • Yes, as terrorists are criminals, so are the pirates. We should not glamorize what they are doing. And the international community should stand together on this issue to help battle it.
  • As they are criminals choosing to commit international crimes, it seems like the label fits to me.
  • no...they ought to be treated like criminals. Their common goal is to negotiate with insurance companies for money. Basically they are low-level kidnappers looking for a ransom. Such slime-balls.
  • Well with the recent ones, I vote for yes. I don't have opinion on other instances! +5
  • Yes, they ARE terrorists!
  • Technically, they are mere criminals. Terrorism implies a motivation from a belief system. These guys are just in it for the money.
  • Yes, right after they are shot and killed.
  • No, they should be treated as pirates. Congress has constitutional power to deal with piracy in international waters.
  • If pirates start killing people, they are terrorists. If they just want money, you should be treated like bank robbers.
  • For sure! They endanger other ppl's lives.
  • Absolutely. When you take a ship's crew hostage and threaten bodily harm, that makes you a terrorist.
  • You haven't gotten the memo yet? The Obama administration don't want us to call them terrorist anymore. They will now be known as Disaster engineers. Please make a note of it....
  • I think that they have attacking random targets and there goal is monetary gain. They are not trying to terrorize any one country. I am not saying that they should not be stopped. They should.
  • no, because terrorists commit acts of violence to advance an agenda. pirates take hostages for money because they are poor and desperate. if people took a look at the areas where these people live and see how poverty stricken and war torn they are with all the genocide and disease and famine, i think they would reconsider blaming someone for acting out of desperation.
  • Pirates not only terrorize mariners, but they also have a negative influence on the economy. Shippers has to spend on security, insurance have gone up, some try to avoid them by going around and adding more sail time. Pirates are terrorists in the 16th century and they are terrorists in the 21st century.
  • Do i think they should be put in a camp with cable TV, given 3 square meals a day, given a nice bed to sleep in, given free medicine, free dental, all the books to read, allowed to do nothing all day but play or work out...let me think about that...HELL NO!! Pirates shouldn't be treated as terrorists, they should be shot as is the custom of the day.
  • No. They are theives. They are no different than muggers on the street. They don't terrorize to get what they want, they just take it.
  • No, they should treated as shipjackers. ;)

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