• In 20 years Christ may be reigning on earth!!
  • not sure
  • "What do you think you will be nostalgic for in 20 years?" If I'm alive in 20 years, it will have been because I took after my mother's side of the family... I'd say we'll see, but I doubt I'd be posting here in 20 years about it. "What do you think might not be around anymore?" Hmm, lots of things that no one cares about at the moment, but will cause people to freak out once they're gone. Maybe Twinkies if people keep getting fatter on average (even though fewer and fewer people are eating Twinkies). "What will you be glad is gone, what will you be sad is gone?" With trash piling up around the USA, we will have to come up with some new plan for waste management on a large scale. I'd be glad to see more recycling and better reuse of our resources, but I'd be sad to see the short-term negative effects on businesses. I think we're actually in the middle of a re-invention of the economic system right now: more automation, more outsourcing, more globalization. 20 years from now, it might still be in the process of changing over, or it might have reached a point of stability.
  • The same shitty mexican dirt-weed that's been floating around here for the LAST 20 years. xD

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