• No. You should get out of the house and get a job.
  • Yes, you can get a dog; raise it, train it and take it to a nearby Bark in the Park walk to socialize with other dog owners. Maybe then you won't feel overwhelmed.
  • Nope. It's just a nice way of saying "animal slavery"
  • sure why not I've got two cats
  • What I might suggest before committing to a pet is to volunteer at a nearby shelter, ASPCA, Humane Society...whatever is closest to you. I would definitely NOT recommend getting a pet without volunteering first. Owning a pet is a commitment not to be taken lightly.
  • Yes I think you should get a hairless cat. They dont shed, need walks, and they use litter. Oh and you have to consider their claws,, I dont like the idea of declawing cats, but that is a preference.
  • No, if you have to
  • Only if you can care for a pet. Most all pets require much time and care including veterinarian costs. Dogs and cats even require hundreds of dollars each year for check ups and shots. Pets are not cheap.

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