• probably not, ive never been much into it
  • I did watch it with friends and had a good feeling about the Eagles winning. That said I wanted both teams to play the very best game they could so that winning was connected to excellence which includes overall character and manner of play. They both did superb. I am happy for the Eagles and their fans.
    • Linda Joy
      I was invited to a party, but I'm pretty sure I was contagious. So I didn't go. I'm happy for the Eagles and their fans. I'm a little sad for Tom Brady. I'm glad you got to enjoy watching it with your friends
  • I boycott the NFL due to the "Kneelers". I never did watch it anyhow,
  • No, I don't like football, so I never watch the Superbowl. Now, I'm triply certain not to watch with players showing disrespect for the national anthem.
  • Nope won't watch and have no idea who is playing.
  • I boycott it, due to the kneelers who cannot coherently agree why they kneel. I regard them and their supporters as traitors. That includes "GQ" and "SI" magazines who gave awards to contemptible Colon Kaepernick.
  • I'm for the Rams at this point.
  • No. The tennis raquets.
  • Nope I don't like to watch it.

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