• i don't know how to tie a tie at all.
  • I can tie a bow tie, a full Windsor and half Windsor. My father taught me how to do these. He was a farmer who later became a tool & die maker, and he rarely got dressed up. But he felt it was very important to know HOW to dress properly, when you needed to.
  • I don't know how to tie a bow tie. I do know: Four in Hand (regular) Half windsor and full windsor I taught myself
  • I cant do a bow- only a windsor and my mom taught me. Support the return of the avatar:
  • 0. I own quite a few ties, just because I like ties, but I never really had any formal tieing lessons, so I always end up haphazardly knotting them around my neck, and just end up looking like a punk.
  • this is a great site, I think that you will find this tie a tie site make learning how to tie a tie easy
  • No ways..I have the one with the plastic tabs for funerals.

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