• have you checked the plugs and wires??
  • Have you checked your fuel delivery system?
  • As its a 1993 I'd say your fuel pump is on the way out,but check your fuel filter as well as the micro filter in the carby, if you have done a lot of miles,it would be a good idea to get a re-con carburettor from your auto parts store, as the spindels and bushes will be worn out in the original and you'll never be able to tune it correctly. I don't know if you ever saw a show called "Fawlty Towers" there was a cantankerous Hotel owner played by John Cleese. when his car decided to play up, he used to curse the car in public, then beat the car with a stick, I know this sounds stupid, but it was hilarious to watch. Maybe give the big stick a try, LOL
  • Golf III... same damp floorboard issues as the Golf II. Actually, moisture gets EVERYWHERE in those things. That includes the ECU. Of course that is merely one possibility based on what I've seen.

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