• Don't let a doctor push you into anything, unless he has strong medical reasoning that resonates with you. I have had one natural birth, and one on their "Drugs" and have no strong opinion on which is best except that each woman be allowed to choose for herself! Sorry though no experience with herniated disks.
  • I would get a second opinion from another OBGYN and maybe from a chiropractor.
  • I am currently 35 weeks, i have been on bdrest for 8 weeks with a herniated disk, i am going through the same procedure but i will let you know what my ob and othropeadic sugeon says, I will find out Tuesday hope this helps Natalie x
  • well after having an MRI,I have four buldging disks one of which is really bad.I have been on bedrest for 9 weeks now in agony.My osteotrician was trying to make me have a natural birth but i am scared i would rupture them. So i carried on insisting on a caeser as my osteopath was advising it. I am now booked in for a c-section in 3 weeks.Everyone has their own views on c sections but make sure you do whats best for you. How many weeks are you? Have you had an MRI? I have an appointment on Thursday with an orthopeadic surgeon so will keep you updated.. xx

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