• It will weigh far less than the king size water bed I once had on the 2nd floor. It'll be fine.
  • sorry... we've only got a 10cm tall, 15cm wide one with plastic fish in it that swim around in circles when you press the on button ;)
  • One gallon of water weighs approximately 8.48 pounds. Take into consideration the foot-print (length by width area) of the aquarium and you should be able to get a pretty good idea how much weight would be concentrated in a particular area. You will have approximately 340 pounds plus the weight of the empty aquarium. If the tank is approximately 12 by 12 inches than you would have a very high concentration of weight. If it is 15 by 24 than the concentration of weight will be spread over a greater base.
  • A pint weighs about a pound, so 40 gal is 320ish lb. What you gotta do is start eating until you weigh 320 lb, and then go stand where you were gonna put the aquarium and see if the floor holds.
  • I'd think twice about doing that mrshinyshoes. The total weight of water and tank including gravel, rocks, pumps and filters etc. should be well over 550-600 lbs concentrated in a small area. Could cause problems! Use CAUTION! A water beds weight is spread out over a large area (more support) Hope this helps. :)

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