• Well, I guess your fantasy is fulfilled now. Can we move on to some other subjects? It's amazing that in the two hours since you asked the first question pertaining to your fantasy, you managed to get caught, by your mom, and are now in this predicament. Is it possible this is all a bunch of crap, designed to get you even more attention? Come on, man. Get a life. We've seen every type of kook imaginable on this site. We're gettin' a little jaded. At least your more original than the "Could I be pregnant?" and the "Should I leave him?" kooks.
  • She is a very reasonable woman. She is being dutiful in teaching you a lesson, but being very reasonable about it, allowing you to select your own consequences for your petty thievery. Seems to me you got exactly what you wished for: For all things there are a consequence. Since you like humiliation and wearing panty hose may I suggest wearing panty hose with mom? That should satisfy your needs and desires.
  • I have answered several of your questions here, and it would now seem to me, and clearly a few others, that you are simply after some attention. my advice, drop the act. you're starting to bore us.
  • Hmmmm......What's that smell? Smells like........bullshit.:)
  • Ooooh! I'd rather have a months detention without tv, friends, internet than wear my mother's panties in public!! No hell way! Being grounded depriving everything is better than being humiliated in public!
  • Hmm! Good, I think guys should behave normal, not plain infantile.

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