• Yeah, I suggest you take him to a vet. Seriously your symptoms (two of them) are not enough to guess at a problem. This could be the start of kennel cough - kennel cough is to dogs what the cold is to humans. Or on the other extreme it could be lung cancer. There are many possibilities between these two points. Unfortunately dogs can tell us where it hurts, or how they feel ("My tummy is upset", "I'm dizzy", etc.) so we do not know if there are other symptoms that would better define the issue. A vet has the experience to know most common ailments in a dog, would also be able to take a temperature, listen to the heart and the lungs and ask other questions which their answers would reduce the many to a few or some potential ailments which then could be treated starting with the most common.
  • Take him to the Vet right away.

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