• She won`t let you pick up your stuff yet she wants to charge you for it? Sounds pretty rich to me. Well, since it`s on her property it would be very hard to prove that it`s your stuff. If she wants to be evil and keep it, you will have to jump through hoops to get it back. I would just do my best to reason with her and get your stuff out of there as quickly as possible.
  • Take her to small claims court. She can't charge you for storage and refuse to let you pick it up at the same time. 500.00 is ridiculous anyway..she sounds like she is an unreasonable person, let a judge deal with her.
  • What she is doing is illegal. Have a sheriff go with you to pick up your belongings. This almost always does the trick. File charges if she refuses. If you have to, go to the courthouse and file suit in small claims.
  • I do have all the receipts and serial numbers for 95% of my stuff there. I went to the police station to have one of them go with me to get my stuff, or at least an "OK" to set a date that was good for her to remove it. The cop said they can't do anything about it, I have to sue her in civil court... I wonder...If my car was in her garage, would they help retrieve my -what would then be...stolen vehicle or how about documents WTF incredible!
  • Sounds like a psycho.
  • sounds like she is on drugs, only a crack head could have that logic.
  • She acts like she'd got a contract. Make her produce one for the court.
  • Just go get it. Buy a hatchet if you don't have the keys. Grow some balls and do what is right. Is your entire morality based on fear of punishment? You know the difference between right and wrong. What is she going to do, prove it was hers and you stole it?
  • Tell her that you won't post the naked picutures you have of her all over the Internet and she will probably whistle a different tune.
  • Tell the police and ask them to go with you to get your stuff. In the UK the partner who left home often takes police with them to help them gain access to possessions without a fight. It sounds like her new boyfriend is trying to hold your stuff to ransom. If you don't want to pay storage then you should be allowed to remove your stuff from storage! Good luck.
  • Do you know anyone who works for a lawyer? Maybe if you had something (legal)in writing from a lawyer, she might take you a little more serious. Wouldn't hurt to consult with one, just to see where you stand, legally. BTW, remember what happened to O.J. when he went to get his stuff back.......

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