• Should they be concerned? If I had a child who had killed a kitten I would be frantic with worry, and trying every kind of therapy on the market.
  • It may seem like a harsh thing to say but no kid who does things like that is normal. He needs intense psychiatric therapy and disciplinary schooling because the psychological effects of his mother being cruel to him are starting to resurface now that he is old enough to really do things on his own. Get help for the kid because he is suffering and is taking it out on others in very psychotic ways.
  • they should be very concerned - dont turn your back on this kid -
  • Killing animals at such an early age is potentially a problem adult. Good to catch it that early you can work out his issues before really bad stuff happens.
  • Yes. They should be extremely concerned. Cruelty to small animals at a young age is one of the classic behaviors exhibited by children who have psychopathic and/or sociopathic tendencies. This child needs intense psychological counseling.
  • If he was my son i would be very concerned for him.
  • Some pretty serious warning signs of sociopathic behavior here... it's a good thing he's in therapy, but I don't know that there's much that can be done to help him.
  • I would probably want my child to get more than just therapy if this is the case. Psychopathic behaviors are showing themselves. This child needs 24/7 treatment and supervision.
  • They should be very concerned. Killing animals at that age can be an indication of the level of aggression he will use towards people when he is a grown up which will be far greater that what he is doing now.

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