• Wouldn't that be against school rules? Wouldn't you get into trouble? Bad kid! Bad! OK, enough about that. Build yourself a Live CD running Linux and boot from it instead of Windows. This would bypass all the security measures that have been placed on the PCs. Unless the PCs have been configured not to allow boot from anything but the hard drive. The other show stopper could be that the network may be configured not to let non-Windows clients access to the network (therefore the internet). To the people who are going to rate me badly for this answer: I gave this person the method to use because their school should learn that software security solutions are not the answer to keeping kids of the internet at school. Why? Because they can easily be bypassed. Honestly, if schools want to keep their kids off the internet, all they have to do is unplug the cable (figuratively or otherwise). At a school I used to teach at, we had a firewall solution that the teacher could turn internet access off and on at will. This allowed the students to use the net when they needed to and shut it off when it was time to pay attention. OK, I'm rambling...............
  • How about you pay attention in class instead.

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