• rated you =]
  • It's called a troll... lol
  • People do that to me too. I think there are some people that just randomly just go through and DR people!
  • It is probably just a troll. If it is, go here for more troll advice: +6 ;-D
  • Nine times out of ten it has nothing to do with the quality of your answers. Nine times out of ten it's disgruntled people who get very brave when they're cloaked in the anonymity of a website. You'll be a lot happier around here if you don't give them any power and ignore them.
  • AAA it happens just ignore it;)
  • They're loosers! *big hug* You're wanted here now lets set up the troll traps, my dear!
  • there's always people out there who have nothing better to do with there time, cause it must be DR day as I have been hit a few times myself, a few just didn't like my answer's I guess. In general I usually let it roll off my back, unless I can pen point it down to one person who begins to follow me, as I had not to long ago, that one I reported, Troll's are just one big pain, because they can hide inside their PC where know one can see them and they think their cute & safe but the smell leaks out after a while and they can be tracked down.
  • They're called trolls, buddy
  • No! It has nothing to do with you. I have been receiving the same today. There's been alot of trolls around lately. The other day I received some 30 downrates in 24 hours. Do not worry about it. My answers were fine too.
  • No, the users are not rotten. They're being truthful. You think that your answers are fine, but it might not be. Some users might feel that your answers are incorrect (i.e. mathematic, science, or Literature questions) or NOT HELPFUL. The purpose of donwrating is to let the users know that they're answer is NOT HELPFUL and to let them know that they're answer doesn't answer the question at all. AB is not about points or whoever gets the most. It's about helping someone gain some knowledge and understanding. If you have a problem with someone donwrating you don't complain it in a question. It's the norm.
  • Ignore ignore ignore. It has absolutely nothing to do with you. Asking this question gives them what they lust after..which is to bother you, to annoy you, to make you pay attention. They will die and fade away once you learn to ignore them. They are all the same, all alike, all have the same mindset..they are trying to put you in your place, teach you a lesson, let you know they disapprove. Well, who the he** cares what such people think? You shouldn't..I don't! :)
  • It's just trolls....just ignore them. Most DRs they make have no rhyme or reason. It's usually not because your answers aren't helpful, it's because some trolls just get off on anonymously DRing people. You'll notice it a LOT in any political, LGBT or religious question...anyone who has an opposing view is automatically DRd. A lot of folks hate Congrats questions, and DR all of them (some people think those kind of questions are just begging for points). Some actually decide they don't like a certain person for whatever reason and DR anything they post. Last night, I went to the "Unanswered Questions" pages and noticed that almost every single questions for a dozen pages had been DR -4 each. Who knows what the reasons are. Trolls make no sense most of the time.
  • Its the haters! i get downrated a lot to sometimes!
  • I would turn off your ratings notifications. Unless points are important to you. People are going to downrate you for many different reasons. Bad days.. bad moods.. they just do not like you.. they have no clue who you are or if they would like you or not but just feel like being a butt. It is not worth worrying over in my opinion and that is why I have my ratings turned off. I just do not care. The fun is in the interaction.. not the pts in my opinion.
  • I just got a -5 for nothing, stuff happens :) Don't let it bother you.
  • +4 It's only points. Don't take it so personally. However, I do think the rise in downrates comes from all the people who came here from Yahoo Answers. The whole thumbs up/thumbs down system over there is run as a way to show agreement or disagreement. I don't think most of them mean to upset anyone, it's just that they are used to a different system.
  • I received an aggressive insult along with a downgrade on a political subject. I thought that was a rotten thing to do, but I know some people can't tolerate a different opinion. Have to just let it go.
  • looking at all your past replies, they seem to be alright. after i found out someone DReed me mocking MCcain, some friends suggested i turn off the ratings option. it worked. it alleviated any stress caused by seeing the DR trolls attack without cause. that option is a godsend. i dont know the full story behind DR trolls..iam still studying Q's and A's on what they are and how they operate on here.
  • defiantly a troll. ignore it and it'll be gone the next day. it happens to all of us, sadly.
  • Don't worry about it, it's probably a troll, you'll be ok.
  • four times is nothing. one person can downrate you a hundred points without getting their hands spanked. down rates are an honor. any old willy nilly can give you a plus. it takes guts to downrate.
  • Get over it, for reals.
  • Four times in six hours someday I would be wondering where my troll fan club are hiding :)

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