• Only if they enjoy doing so. Artists paint only things that they enjoy and if that is the way to do it, more power to them.
  • Wasn't quite sure how to answer this at first. That is, in some way, anyone's culture is part of their identity .. who they are .. and thus "informs" the artist .. and like all else .. is evident in their work. The only difference is whether artists - no matter what kind - decide to DIRECTLY vs indirectly take on cultural themes in what they create. To me, no artist should be held accountable by anyone or anything re: what themes or topics they convey in their art! An artist is an artist. No matter the form, art comes from deep inside. So the only way "one's culture" could or should be in a creative work is because it's part of what makes up who the artist is as a human being. Sure wouldn't want to see some kind of "rule" that said "thou shalt do a cultural piece" - whatever the heck "that" might be. Nope. Freedom for the soul to shine through expressions called art. By artist's choice. And our delight. Let's not build cages on them.

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