• I did and wanted to. You couldn't pay me enough yo...
  • No. Only millionaires and Party toadies can make it to the top. But I think that was sort of the idea of the Founding Fathers in the first place. "Anyone" becoming President was never the real case.
  • YES! But at a very high price! Your life!
  • No, not anyone can be anymore. The line needs to be 'anyone with enough money can become president'.
  • Absolutely, 100% yes!! I ran for local council here a few times, hoping for a win, working my way up the ranks to be President one day. OK, my own grandma didn't even vote for me, and I lost, lost, lost some more. So, maybe it shouldn't say "could be," but more accurately say "Anyone could run for President," which is still true, right Monica Moorehead?
  • I had always heard that said, and had difficulty accepting it. I believe it more now then I did growing up. Look at the spectrum of candidates. Obama may be president, and Palin is as good as president if the Repub. win because McCain will not last 2 terms.
  • no. I am more honest than that. I actually care about the US and it's citizens more than my expense account and I am not that full of "hot air" and I could never lie that good.. not going to happen
  • sure, any w.a.s.p. with major political backing and lot's of money.
  • Yes I do. If you have the right mental make up and are willing to play the games and make the sacrifices necessary in and for the party. You need to work your way up through a variety of offices which means you must say the right things at the right times and do the right things in office to advance beyond. I am not and never have been one of those people. I blush when I don't tell it like it is (in my opinion, not anyone elses). But some people can fit the molds and talk the talk to make it. You sometimes find the most unlikely make it!!!
  • My answer..S. Palin. If she can, anybody can! :) ((hugs))
  • We have a couple of the least likely candidates ever as Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates, and you have to ask???
  • Yes, i do and even that anyone can become a VP candidate;-)
  • Yes..if "anyone" has enough money :)
  • No. They will not elect the unnaturalised citizens or the native Americans, who had their lands taken away.
  • yes look at the ones who are running now lmao
  • Bush got in there right??? hmmm enough said
  • When you're a kid, they drill alot of crap in your head. Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, not too mention the son of god who was born of a virgin, died and rose (bodily not to mention) to be with his father, god. I will never be president of the United states and no one rises from the dead.
  • LOL I never believed it the first time.... i asked my parents if that was true, then what are you doing here?

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