• your neighbors... it is on there property and belongs to them... good luck with trying to get them to cut it down, i hope they are cooperative with you.. neighbors can be jerks.. :)
  • I would say it would be your neighbor's, jimbwvu. Might have to get the authorities or a lawyer involved . . .
  • maybe we can say that you also have the right to cut down the root.because it is in your property and it is destroying it.maybe you talk first to your neighbor about the problem and explain well what you want to happen.and remember don't let anger do the patient.
  • You would think that it was your neighbor's problem, but that is incorrect. Trees and shrubs etc. do not count for encroachment of property. Most towns in the US will deem it your responsibility because it was not the intent of the neighbor to have a root system that expands onto your property. However, you have the right to cut the root if you want, and maybe can talk to the neighbor and he can volunteer to help with labor, money, etc... These other people are just guessing based off of logic, but my answer is correct with most cases. I have had a similar thing happen to me (although it was my bamboo creeping into someone else's yard).

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