• We live on a corner lot, so in the front (facing west), we have a view of the houses across the street, a series of empty lots catercorner to us (including the one directly catercorner ours, where someone obviously lost their financing right after the foundation was laid), and the cross-street that runs between them. (And behind the empty lots are the houses on the next block.) To our right (facing north) is the house next door; not much to say there. To our left (facing south) is the cross-street, which dead-ends right next to our back yard. We can see the house across that street from us, then down our street towards one of the main roads that intersect at the southwest corner of our subdivision. Behind us is the best: a huge, open cornfield (although this year, they’re actually growing soybeans there) with a brand-new elementary school on the other side. Rumor has it that the lot behind the school is where our Church will be putting in a new building for the south-side congregation and the Castilian-speaking branch, but you know how rumors go. ;-)
  • It is not bad But it is kinda fun to watch the traffic cruise by;) People wave and honk;)!!
  • I can see the High Sierra foothills and, on a clear day, can see to the peaks surrounding Kings Canyon.

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