• Not a hat, but a ball cap instead. No I don't wear them daily, I only wear one when I need to protect my eyes from the sun or rain. In the winter I'll put a tuque on over my cap to keep my ears from freezing too, if I'm going to be outside for an extended period.
  • Every day I wear a flat cap. A few years back I started this. Some movies I saw this cap. I took that idea to wear one.
  • I wear a sunvisor when I walk the dogs at the shelter. We need eye contact so no sunglasses
  • A straw cowboy hat I got as a prize while vacationing in Boothill.
  • In hot summers, I may wear a wide-brimmed straw hat. I occasionally wear French Berets or Bereibo as we call them in Japan. In winter, I may wear a knit cap that covers my ears.
  • i dont wear hats unless its cold out

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