• Just the stroke that effected my eyes requiring me to quit driving my school bus. In time they will heal.
  • No, am I supposed to ?
    • Linda Joy
      No, but I'm jealous!
  • Oikophobia - Fear of my fellow Americans, who I used to consider sane and rational even if they disagreed with me.😗.Its not al-Qaeda I fear, its the people on Jan 6th. Its not illegal immigrants, its the rednecks who attacked the Capitol. Its the Jacob Chansleys of this world and the Jim Jordans and Donald Trumps who encourage them.
    • Army Veteran
      "Back in the day" we had a word that describes your fears exactly: "paranoia". The solution was to just "get over it". People today can't do this because, overall, they're babies who need comforting and medications.
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      What if people had acted on Trump's advice and drank lots of hydroxychloroquine and died. How does one 'get over it."?
  • Heart failure, mainly - with high blood pressure. I'm currently suffering from sinus drainage which gives me coughing fits. I haven't had more than 3 or 4 hours of sleep in a little over a week. I also am showing a few symptoms of possible colon cancer (God, I hope not) - I won't know for sure until I get tested in March.
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      Good luck with that. seriously.
    • Army Veteran
      Actually, I'm not as bad as it might appear. I take care of myself as much as I can using naturopathy and avoid medications when I can. By doing this, the body can work to repair itself like it was designed to do. Medications don't allow this to happen.
  • not any thing much

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