• Kitten food! Have you had her checked for worms and or parasites?
  • She needs to see a vet, there could be something serious going on with her.
  • I too have a skinny cat. I feed her canned food mixed with dry everyday, as well as all the other cats. And I keep dry food down all day long. She also gets scraps off our plates. But as Go_Know_Thyself mentioned, kitten food. It is higher in nutrients than regular cat food.
  • try Whiskas cat food or see a vet.
  • My cats were always skinny, and then one day Walmart was out of their store-brand cat food (dry). I bought kitten Purina and they loved it, and started to fatten up. Their coats look much better too.
  • Weight loss can be a sign of something very serious. Definitely take your kitty to the vet. They also sell cat food for older cats that have the nutrients that older cat bodies need. Mixing dry with wet is a good idea.
  • I LOVE cats, so I hope this information is helpful. If any of you cat owners really want to do the best for your cats, please read this. First off, see a vet. Her skinniness might be a sign of a health problem that requires medical attention. A cat should never lose more than 2% of its total body weight per week. Dry food is a highly unnatural, poor nutritional diet for cats. It's tastes good to the cat, but it's cat junk food ~ kind of like potato chips. It's a bad idea to feed overprocessed junk and refined carbohydrates to a carnivore. Cats' natural diet is about 75% water. Dry food is...well, dry. Unless your cat drinks a LOT of water, it is probably dehydrated. Cheap cereals like corn, rice, and wheat, usually make up about half the bulk of dry foods. Cereals are mostly carbs, which is not found in the cat's natural prey diet. The liver and other organs store very small amounts of carbs. A diet high in carbs will generally result in obesity, because excessive amounts of this nutrient are converted by the liver to body fat. Since a cat metabolizes primarily fat and protein for energy, most of the carbohydrates in the diet are then stored as body fat. Added vitamins attempt to compensate for nutrient loss, but the food still lacks many other essentials including enzymes, complete amino acids and fatty acids. A common feline disease common among dry food diets is lower urinary tract disease (formation of crystals that obstruct the bladder or kidney problems). Cats can die from renal failure or stones! What surprises me is that your cat is not obese, which usually happens with her kind of diet. Either your cat has an amazing metabolism or there is something wrong. Give her dry food only as a treat, never as a main dish. Feed her wet food primarily. A great veterinarian and nutritionist recommended the following diet for cats: 1. Innova and Merrick are two of the best brands of canned cat food. 2. In addition to wet cat food, try to supplement with organic meats and vegetables (organic baby food is a good alternative). 3. Fish is fine, but avoid too much fish, and stick with the wild variety, not farmed. Limit tuna, it causes fatty liver disease over time. Avoid canned fish if your cat has urinary problems. Feed 5.5 oz. per day of wet food for 10 lb. cat and 10 fl. oz. daily of water. Ninety percent of the diet should be meat, with 10% grains & veggies. Here's a list of good food options: Protein: cooked white or dark meat chicken (with chicken broth), chicken necks, cooked turkey, ground turkey, minced dark meat turkey, minced lean beef, hearts - beef/chicken/turkey, hard boiled or scrambled egg (3x week max), organic only live, whitefish, wild salmon, venison, lamb, duck, canned sardines, tongol tuna/salmon Dairy: cottage cheese, yogurt Vegetables: broccoli, squash, sweet potato, cabbage, peas, carrots, green beans, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, kale, alfalfa sprout, rosemary, sage, parsley, seaweed, zucchini, beets, beans, lentils, chickpeas - cats prefer lightly steamed veggies (or try the organic vegetable baby food - make sure there's no onion powder); of these, I would highly recommend red cabbage. Fruits: apples, persimmon, blueberry, blackberry, honey Grains: millet, flax, rolled oats, heritage flakes, mesa sunrise, bran, psyllium husk powder
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