• I normally do, but then I look at a light bulb and it makes your eyes water and then you sneeze! What bothers me more is when I am preparing to sneeze and someone talks to you ruining the moment!
  • Me! I hate that feeling!
  • I cant stand it, it either I cant sneeze, or I have a sneezing attacked, usually at lest ten times.
  • Yes and then you look like you have been crying.
  • I have a cure for that. When I lose a sneeze I wriggle my nose with my fingers and "Atchoo" there it goes.
  • If you feel like sneezing look at the sun/sky. Duno why but it helps x :)
  • Yes! Then you have that awful sneeze face for no good reason!
  • ohhh yes!then when you least expect it ahhhccchhhooo!! it kinda leaves you knocked out from trying to get it out before phew!!
  • I hate it! It is such an irritating, unsatisfying sensation when you have that tickle in your nose and you need to let it out and the sneeze just won't happen, and of course the tickling gets stronger and stronger and drives you nuts! Sometimes tickling the inside of your nose with a feather brings the sneeze out; doesn't always work, but it's sooo worth it when it does, it's the most satisfying feeling of release to finally get that sneeze after a long and frustrating buildup!
  • My solution, when that takes place, is to deliberately breath though my nose but not too hard. Most of the time that will trigger the sneeze.

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