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  • It is possible to transmit HIV through oral contact with a woman's menses.
  • No. If she does not have HIV or any other STD then her menstrual blood will not contain HIV. HIV and STD's don't just materialize in a healthy person. The question I would ask you is How sure are you that she has no STDs? Were you both tested together? She (or you for that matter) could be infected with an STD and not even realize it. There are several STDs that show no outward symptoms or the symptoms are minor or delayed long enough that you can go several years before realizing you are infected. If she DOES have an STD, you can get it by performing oral sex whether OR NOT she is on her period.
  • You could get HIV whether she is on her period or not, though the risk is relatively low. Safe sex guidelines would recommend you use a dental dam during oral sex.
  • So you tasted blood
  • There are several mouth to genitalia STD'S.. HIV is lower but the others can occur very easily..

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