• Lab Rat.
  • I'm currently unemployed?
  • To crazy to hold a job? Between jobs.
  • Oh, that's simple. If you have just met them, you say "none of your business." If you want to be polite, say "I am between jobs, evaluating the opportunities before me."
  • Either tell them that you are a peanut butter taster, or tell them what you used to do for a living.
  • currently unemployed, exploring options
  • Tell them anything you like, as long as it makes sense for your education level and geographic location. Them them you're unemployed if you like. I wish you the best. I hope you get back on track.
  • Tell them that you're... unemployed on a break on temporary leave or just turn the tables and ask them: What do YOU do for a living?
  • Tell anyone who asks what you normally do when you're working. Try to deflect the conversation back to the other person. People love to talk about themselves. Sample conversation Curious new person: So...what do you do? You: I work in Human Resources. How about you? Curious: I ___________ Then ask him how he likes it, and let things flow from that. Keep in mind, you're not under any obligation to satisfy someone's curiosity!
  • Honesty is always the best policy. People may not like who you are but they will respect you for being real.
  • You are taking some time off to focus on other things and figure out what it is that you really want to do. That's also a great transition to other topics about what you like.
  • You could tell them that you're in between jobs. It wouldn't be a lie. Or you could just say that you don't want to discuss that.
  • tell them you are recovering from a nervous breakdown.
  • If you feel you must tell them something, say your taking time off to write a book. I'd tell them I breathe for a living. Can't live if you don't.
  • That's a very ligitmate question, Freedom. There are numerous ways to get around this in conversation, one of which is to avoid answering it at all. Or you could change the subject, like so: What do YOU do? It must be a good living. You look very well!
  • tell them you are independently wealthy
  • Tell them you're taking a personal sabbatical.
  • Unemployed and living off the taxpayer dime.
    • Linda Joy
      Now THIS answer is prejudiced! You are prejudging where this person's income is coming from. I don't have the answer to that, but I do know that some disability insurance is insurance that was privately paid for!
    • Archie Bunker
      Prejudiced? Against whom? People with mental problems? Or just this person in particular? And I'm guessing where this person's income is coming form. And yes, some disability insurance is privately paid for, but you're also prejudging that this person is the one who paid it, if they even have it. So, we're both guessing, right?
  • I'm off work due to stress related issues.
  • If I tell you I will have to kill you! It is confidential
  • Option one, tell the truth. If someone has a problem with you just based on not having a job, you don't need them in your life anyway. You don't have to over-share. It seems that nearly everyone these days tries to fib to me, and I have a lot more respect, personally, for someone who is truthful with me than a fibber. If you have your own issues and you are dealing with them, that's great; it's a lot more than most people can say for themselves.
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