• It's called self confidence. You need to get some. Seek professional help.
  • nnaybe you should get a pet to keep you connpany
  • That sounds like anxiety or maybe depression to me. I'd see a counselor, if you can. They can really help with things like that! I know from personal experience.
  • Don't think of it as being alone think of it as private time you can use to accomplish things in your life. You can learn a lot by reading about your interests online. You can join social groups online regarding things or places that interest you. Take advantage of that time. Also ask to see the school counselor. In addition you might want to join some clubs at school or go to the library to break up long stretches of being alone. Get a dog walking job. Or just get outside and walk in nature. Its very calming. And prepare to get a job next year by getting references now from the small jobs you do like babysitting or dog walking. Joining FBLA, FFA, FHA or the present day equivalent would look good on a job application as well. Once you go to work you won't have time to worry about being alone, you'll cherish it!!
  • Talk to your school counselor, parent, or doctor. They will guide you on how to get better at it.
  • Study says Pets helps you improve your Mental Health try petting a dog they make you feel special.
  • Talk to a therapist. Develop a hobby and do not depend on a person to make you feel okay if you already have someone to talk to regarding this, well and good, but try to work it out for the alone time.
  • Is it a voice in your head, or a thought? If it's a voice separate from you thoughts, which it doesn't sound like it is, then you need professional mental help. However, if this is just thoughts then you need to cultivate a positive nurturing thought to combat those causing your anxiety and low self esteem, you can see your doctor or guidance councillor at school about this, they may refer you to psychological services like Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, which can help change your thought process and challenge negative thinking, and anxiety. We all have an inner dialogue with ourselves, if that is getting negative to the point you are suffering anxiety at being on your own then you need help.

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