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  • Age old question, you can't make someone love you. Did she say so? Be a great friend and see what happens.
  • love unconditionally. this means not expecting anything in return. just let them be the person they are let them be free. if you really love someone you cannont attach stipulations. im actually in the same boat. i really love someone that doesnt love me. they dont know it and ive never really told them because that would be unfair.
  • A heart that is hurting is a serious thing. But you have to be honest with yourself, if you feel it won't happen, then it probably won't. You cannot make a person love you if that person's heart and interest are elsewhere. What's meant to be will be. Look for other things to do and meet people that share your interest. Like they say, just be a friend. When my heart was broken many years ago I though the world was coming to an end. I could'nt eat sleep or do anything without her thoughts in my mind. You get that hopeless feeling in your gut. It hurts badly, but time is the cure for everything. I found out many years later that the gal that broke my heart had been married and devorced 3 times. I would have been number 1 devorcie. So, sometimes there are roadblocks in your life, but I believe the roadblocks are there for a purpose. You were meant to be loved by someone who is now looking for you. So go out and help her find you. I made a rap song hopefully, to cheer you up. rap rap rap- rap rap rap rap.. Love is blind-sometimes- not kind; A bump in the road-sometimes you overload-/ Just be smart-and follow your big heart-the one you really love-is waiting in the park. You just wait and see- and just believe in me, maybe it's because it was'nt meant to be. You can finish the rap. Stay Strong
  • I wouldnt hang around and torture myself, watching someone I love with someone else, if I knew they were in love with someone else. You should put your efforts into finding someone that loves you for who you are.
  • Sounds like its someone you see pretty regularly - perhaps at work. You get to know someone and you feel attraction. Happens more when you don't have anything going for yourself on your own. Acknowledge your feelings but acknowledge also that it is a 'crush". Pretty easy to form as working together or whatever you get to know someone. But workplace romances especially are frowned upon so you know it would not be good for your work. Spend time getting to know other girls as well outside of work and I would bet that you will meet some you feel the same about. Oh doesn't have to be "love" for people to get together.

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