• If he did after you kissed that other person, then it was probably revenge or he was just hurt. If he did it before you kissed that person, then he may be into her.
  • Well we have to look at this"why are you talking back to him after you broke up" are you still into him?The girl he took out he used to date,could be revenge or could be he just did itboth let it go,u did wrong,he did wrong.So if u wanna be with him u gotta let it go,and i know its hard cause us as women never forget a thing,and when an argument breaks loose u gonna bring that up,unless u can forgive and forget,forgetting is the hard things but is a paRT of forgiving.If he is so into her,he would have been cheating on u with her during the relationship,if there is no doubt in your mind he was faithful,then u kinda messed up,and he is fallng back on someone,cause he dont wanna be alone,as many dont.its scary,so figure out what u want,and if u want him,jus tell him and ask him to find a new job,cause i wouldnt allow my man to work with someone he jus went out with .it would end and that will help teh relationship.and also she would know to stay far away from my man.
  • The two of you are broken up. And, trying to say this in the nicest way poissble, seem a bit immature (if it was revenge,that is). Try talking it out. Never resort to childish actions. If you two still like eachother tr figuring out if its worth starting a relaitonship again, if not, take a break (a month) from hanging out so you two can get use to not being together and live oyur own life (while being friends). Honestly, he may trully be over you. And if thats the case you'll have to try to not pay much mind to what he does, it may bother oyu, but you may only screw the relationship up more by keeping yourself in his daily life.
  • This guy sounds like an idiot. You had every right to kiss someone else after he broke up with you. He is an insecure guy who is trying to make every girl fall for him, by the sounds of it. Stay AWAY!

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