• not likely
  • I am not an attorney, but I can certainly tell you where to go for the right answer: Your state's bar association. FOr a minimal fee - around $35 - they will have an attorney call you and discuss your case at length. And that's all it takes!!
  • An attorney or a mediator (better choice) can help you gain a written understanding of this. I suppose that one year of her support could reduce her debt to you by some dollars. The best way to handle it would be by talking it out under court supervision or with the help of an attorney or mediator - face to face.
  • From my experience (I am not an attorney), my son's father owed me years of child support. My son went to live with him for a few years and I had to pay him, even though he still owed me. My son later came back to live with me and his father never paid anything. He still owes for the times my son lived with me. The child support office refused to 'offset' it, they opened a case for each of us and they were independent of each other. My son is an adult now but I am still owed the arrears.
  • I'm guessing this is the U.S... I find it disturbing that your situation is the case... I'm in Australia and if ever your situation were the case your child support payments would be deducted from what is owing to you. The other parent should be audited in order to make payment. But in saying that, money isn't everything I guess and only a cause of grief at times where the real importance is with the best interest of your child and we just have to move forward and forget... (Just my opinion)
  • She will still be obligated to pay the back child support. However at the age of 17 your child is not considered emancipated and now you will have to pay her child support until your child is. Child support is typically based on a percentage of your gross income.

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