• Jeff Blake could throw the ball about 80 yards or more in the air, I suppose you are asking just about the pass without a WR, because there have been many 99 yard passes for TD's. Brett Favre was pretty good in his prime and could probably still throw about that far.
  • I don't know if anyone can throw it 100 yards today but I witnessed Terry Bradshaw in 1975 at a football camp at Louisiana Tech in Ruston, Louisiana throw the ball 100 yards in the air to Roger Carr. If I wouldn't have seen it I would not have believed it. The next person who may be able to do that is Jamarcus Russell from LSU. He can throw it 75 yards on one knee.
  • Well, Brett Favre is getting old now, but he can still throw the ball 70 yards in the air. If he was younger and in back in his good days, he might have been able to do it.
  • Back in '82 i could throw the pigskin a quarter mile. Who wanna bet i can't throw it over those mountains?
  • JaMarcus Russell of LSU can throw the ball 80 yards on a flick and 40 yards sitting on the ground. He can surely throw the length of the field with ease.
  • wise man. thats a buncha bull. its humanly imposible to throw a football teh length of the field, 80 yards is about as far as it can get.
  • brandon hedstrom of etters pa can.
  • that would be mr. jamarcus russell just watch the guy
  • when joe namath was at alabama the word on campus was he could throw it 90 yds but i never saw him do it... way back, they say rudy bukich of the chicago bears could throw it from end zone to end zone but again i did not see it , only heard about it
  • Honestly, I belive it. I am not a football player, although I was begged by my High School coach to come out and play, but they had the worst offensive line in the county so that answered his question... I have thrown a football from the opposite 40 yard line through the goal post 2 of 3 times I've ever tired. That's 70 yards, 10 feet in the air. So I'm guessing somewhere in the 73-76 yard range.
  • i dont no thats why i asked
  • jamarcus russell can throw 66 yards on his back leg and rumours of a 56 yard laser (dat means the ball stay flat for that distance) and he can easily do 80 yards !! check it out on youtube
  • jamarcus russell can throw the ball 65 yards on his back foot. and can throw a laser( which is where the ball does not change height) 56 yards we would c it in the nfl but unfortuantly raiders have a shit offensive line people say russell accuracy is not brillinat but thats just not true he was renown for his out side throw
  • Not sure, but I did witness on TV many years ago that Vinny Testaverde Threw a football 80 yards in a NFL quarterback challenge.
  • ive heard rumors of john elway throwing a football from his endzone threw the other goal post to scare the other team but that is just a rumor
  • John Elway crossfeild pattern he could throw the all the way from one side of the feild to the other. on this one throw on third and 19 Elway rolled out to the right and threw it all the way to the other side of the feild like 75 yards in the air. Also Kordell Stewart threw a pass 75 yards in the air in a game against Michagan
  • i once threw from cleveland all the way to columbus, but that was with the wind

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