• There is no such "unspoken rule" but you might want to reconsider making fun of someone for having a better vocabulary than you because your poor vocabulary will be the brunt of jokes for a LONG time to come.
  • i dont think so cause its rude
  • No, there's no reason to be rude just because a person knows/uses an extensive vocabulary.If someone uses a word that I don't understand, I merely asked them to explain it. NBD.
  • It has been my observation that the sincere large vocabulary user is usually more focused on conveying the thought rather than showing off the size of their vocabulary. People notice when someone is trying to be bombastic they mock themselves. Compare Michael Eric Dyson(gasbag) and Jordan Peterson(idea conveyor).
  • Only if the person was using those words incorrectly or unnecessarily. . In my own case, I had a simpleton co-worker who often mocked people smarter than he was. When we were in groups, I deliberately spoke in terms understood by everyone except him. Otherwise, I speak as straightforward as I can.

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