• I know nothing about these things. ...but I'd probably start with some little local deli or similar kind of shop. I'd ask them to try selling some, and see how they went.
    • aranadsagency021
      Nel: I like that idea. You might even "sell on consignment", though that usually works best for non-perishable goods.
  • start around the neighborhood. Do a simple 'leave your number at people's door' thing. Also do a lemonade stand but with your baked items, advertise it two to three days ahead of time around the houses. You can either charge for them or not. When that becomes a steady flow, visit your local small resturants that doen't already sell baked goods. Pitch your small buisness to them and ask if you could sell your items there or if they would like to buy and sell them. Pricing the items right is always tricky. First you want to make sure your recipe has all 'by hand' ingredients and is perfected. Then figured out how much it cost to make the recipe, adding time and effort with 25-50cents for every item. Then add another 25 cents or so for a profit. Be careful though, you don't want to over price. Also Go to Michaels and look around for ways to wrap and decorate the goods.
  • First check into your zoning laws and health code requirements because it is illegal in most locales now to do any cooking or baking for other people in your own home, unless it's done in a kitchen set up only for commercial use and up to code.
  • the best way for these is word-of-mouth. you got to sell first your cookies to your neighbors and friends or give samples to your children's peers. if the cookies you baked are really good, then that's it you will make it sold
  • Good way of marketing nowadays you can do by making a website of your business of cakes and cookies and provide all the information regarding your business. Then you can hire a good Digital marketing team so that they will help you to make your business expand and you can see the change when you will receive a huge customer.
  • Getting a license!
  • TIP: Be sure you get product liability insurance. If someone gets sick from your products, they can own your house and bank accounts.
  • Do you need baking equipment that your state approves?
  • Be sure you have product liability insurance. If someone gets sick from your products, you will be sued and suffer a great loss.
  • Two things. *** Local - leave free samples at homes in the neighborhood with cards describing products, hours of operation, ways to order goods, etc. *** Online - set up a web site and either pay for SEO or read about how to do it yourself. One woman became famous a few years ago making an online business that filled a very specific niche - mail-ordering cookies to college students. Lots of online businesses do that now, but for awhile she was making big bucks, and who knows, maybe she still is. If you can find a similar niche - a group of well-healed people who want to send distant loved ones expertly-baked homemade baked goods (because they don't have the time or skill to do it themselves) - then you'll have a winner. In any case, for a successful online business that is in competition with hundreds of existing online businesses you'll need either unusual goods or your goods made to appeal to a specific niche group. A specialization, so to speak. One can imagine any number of things. Home-made ice cream sandwiches delivered by mail, for example. Cakes in the shape of animals, for example (with part of the proceeds donated to some animal-loving non-profit). Etc.

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